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Rhinoplasty - girl modelA rhinoplasty or “nose job,” is a very popular procedure that can make profound differences not only in the balance of your facial features but also in your self-esteem.
Besides improving the appearance and proportion of your nose, a rhinoplasty can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural abnormalities in the nose.

The following are just some of the improvements that Orlando Nose Surgeon, Dr. Joseph can make:

  • Decreasing or increasing the size of your nose
  • Altering the tip
  • Narrowing or widening the bridge
  • Changing the shape of your nostrils
  • Removing a bump caused by injury to genetics
  • Correcting nasal symmetry and deviation

The procedure

Dr. Joseph can perform this surgery using a closed procedure, where your incisions are hidden inside your nose; or an open procedure, where an incision is made across the columella – the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostril. Through these incisions, the soft tissue covering your nose will be gently raised, giving access to reshaping the structure of your nose.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Depending on the outcome you and Dr. Joseph have discussed, your nose will be augmented using cartilage from your septum – the portion that divides the insides of your nose. Cartilage can also be taken from other areas if needed (ear, rib, etc.). If your septum deviates, it will be straightened before the nasal skin and tissue are re-draped and the incision is closed.

What it won’t do

While a nose job can certainly enhance your appearance, it won’t change your face to match your idol supermodel or cause others to treat you differently. Before committing to nose surgery, make sure your expectations are realistic

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who are:

  • Looking for an improvement, but not perfection
  • Are physically healthy
  • Have matured fully

It is generally not a good idea to perform a rhinoplasty on a teenager, since they are still growing. Many doctors won’t perform this procedure until the age of 14 or 15.

Dr. Joseph - Rhinoplasty Procedure

The recovery

Splints and internal tubes typically support your nose for a week as it begins healing. will likely support the nose as it begins to heal. The initial swelling will start to go down in the next few weeks, though it could take up to a year for your nose to fully refine and re-contour. Over this period, you may notice changes in your nasal shape as it embraces a more permanent shape.

If you are interested in enhancing your appearance with rhinoplasty, please contact our Orlando nose surgeon today.

Learn More About Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty Procedure

How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Costs?

The cost of a Rhinoplasty will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation.

Schedule Rhinoplasty Consultation

As one of the most well-regarded plastic surgeons performing Rhinoplasty in Winter Park, FL, Dr. Brian Joseph is here to answer all your questions about Rhinoplasty. To confirm whether you are an ideal candidate for Rhinoplasty, contact us today to schedule your in-person consultation.


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