Breast Reduction Orlando

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For some women considering Breast Reduction, having disproportionately large breasts can be both physically and emotionally painful. Overdeveloped, pendulous breasts can cause a variety of medical problems from severe neck and back pain, skin irritation, skeletal irregularities, to difficulty with breathing. They can make wearing a bra extremely uncomfortable to the point of being excruciatingly painful; and many women with uncommonly large breasts, particularly younger women, become embarrassed and self-conscious about their bodies.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed either as a single procedure, or as part of a more comprehensive Body Contouring plan. Breast Reduction or reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure in which we removes excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts, thereby reducing both their size and weight, and improving their firmness. we reshape the breasts so they look natural and perfectly complement the patient’s figure. Many women have undergone Breast Reduction surgery not only for alleviating their pain, but also for helping them to feel more confident, attractive and healthy.

If you have disproportionately large breasts that feel heavy, if you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain, always have marks or grooves in your shoulders left by your bra straps, and have altered your lifestyle due to the size of your breasts, you may be a good candidate for Breast Reduction surgery. Breast Reduction surgery is not a simple procedure, but it is safe and relatively painless when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Of all plastic surgery procedures, Breast Reduction surgery results in the quickest body-image changes. Patients appreciate Breast Reduction because of the incredible life-style changes that are effected as a result of the surgery. You will be rid of the physical discomfort of large breasts, your body will look better proportioned, and clothes with fit you better.

If you are considering Breast Reduction Surgery, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation with us to find out if you are a good candidate for this surgery. We will honestly answer all your questions, as well as educate you about your options. We will be happy to discuss combining breast reduction surgery with other procedures if you wish to consider a more comprehensive body contouring plan.

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