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Full, pouty lips are considered a symbol of youth and sensuality. With modern cosmetic surgery, it is possible to aesthetically shed years off your life. Whether you pursue a more youthful look through non-surgical or surgical procedures, there is most always a way for cosmetic surgeons to give you the look you desire.

To create plump, luscious lips, one option is lip augmentation surgery. To alter the size of your lips, Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Joseph can either inject your lips, or surgically implant materials inside of them. Some procedures are temporary, others are permanent. You can have just one lip treated—upper or lower—or have both enlarged at the same time.
Injections done in the office ( usually given with a “dental block” to numb the lips)

  • Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus Composed of hyaluronic acid similar to that found in the body

  • Restylane Composed of hyaluronic acid

  • Fat injections Are harvested from another area of the body (often the abdomen or thighs) and is purified before it is injected into the lips. Results are often temporary, but longer than collagen injections. These carry the risk of lumping or scarring.

  • Restylane silk

  • Belotero

Lip Augmentation Before and After Photos

Lip Augmentation Before and After Photos

Surgical options:

  • Fat grafting – With this method, Dr. Joseph will insert your own fat into your lips for a more permanent fix. There is also a risk of your body absorbing the fat, so the results may vary.

  • Surgisil Permalip

  • Local flap grafts – This procedure takes tissue and skin from the inside flap of your mouth to fatten your lips. It’s the most invasive technique, and is often the last resort.

If you are interested in enhancing your appearance with lip augmentation and you live in Orlando or Winter Park, Florida, please contact Orlando cosmetic surgeon today.

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