Lifespan Of Breast Implants Orlando

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While breast implants do not have a specific lifespan, they will not last forever. Implants may leak or break after chest trauma, or for no obvious reason at all. If this happens, you will need a second surgery to replace the breast implant.

One of the finest practitioners of cosmetic surgery, Orlando cosmetic surgeon Dr. Brian Joseph is a caring, compassionate board-certified plastic surgeon who is devoted to your cosmetic goals, your satisfactory surgical results and your enhanced well-being.

Today’s Silicone Implants

The longevity of your breast implants will largely depend on when they are placed. Silicone breast implants that were placed in the 1980s and early 1990s should be replaced by now. This is because older, silicone-filled devices were constructed with a thinner, less durable shell than today’s implants. Newer breast implants also have fewer complications than older breast implants. The silicone breast implants on the market today do not require replacement unless they rupture or the patient requests an implant exchange.

Saline Breast Implants

Breast implants filled with saline or salt water between the 1980s and 1990s do not need to be replaced. However, older saline implants are more likely to rupture than silicone implants. Today’s saline implants are well-made and durable; many even come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. While this does not mean that the implants will last a lifetime, if they do rupture, the manufacturer will provide new implants at no cost to the patient.

The longevity of saline breast implants can not be precisely predicted. Like silicone implants, saline implants do not need to be replaced unless they rupture or the patient desires a different size. If a saline implant does rupture, it will leak the sterile salt water fluid into your body. There is absolutely no risk to your health if this occurs.

If You Suspect a Rupture

If you experience any problems, such as a rash or abnormal-feeling implant, you should visit Park Avenue Plastic Surgery immediately. We can help you determine whether your implant has indeed ruptured. Sometimes silicone ruptures are difficult to detect, as the implant will not deflate. An MRI may be necessary to confirm whether or not your implant failed.

If you experience no problems with your saline or silicone breast implant, and you are still satisfied with the size, shape and volume of your implant, you do not need to spend the time and money to replace your implant.

You can discuss with Orlando cosmetic surgeon Dr. Brian Joseph what precautions you can take to help maximize the lifespan of your breast implant.

If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and would like to learn more about breast implants or you suspect a rupture, please contact our Florida plastic surgery office today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph.

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