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No two breast augmentation procedures are performed in exactly the same way. Patients have options as to where the breast implant incisions are made as well as how the implants are placed on the chest. Dr. Brian Joseph works with each unique patient individually to ensure that the right choices are made according to the patient’s body type, skin type, lifestyle and goals.

Incision Location Options

Any type of breast augmentation surgery requires incisions in which the implants are inserted. The length of incisions can range from 1 to 4 inches, depending on the location of the incision and the size and type of implants. Generally, a larger pre-filled silicone implant will require a larger incision than an implant that is filled with saline after the shell is placed on the chest.

There are four incision location options:

  • Crease under the breasts (also called the inframammary fold): This is the most common type of incision and allows Dr. Joseph the most control over the implant placement.
  • Areola/nipple: This type of incision is generally performed when a breast lift is also being performed. The surgeon has excellent implant placement control and can reposition the nipple at the same time.
  • Armpit (also called transaxillary): Scarring from this incision is well-hidden in the armpit area; however, not all surgeons are skilled in this type of procedure.
  • Belly button (also called trans-umbilical breast augmentation or TUBA): An endoscope is used to create a path from the navel to the breast area. The empty saline implant shell is worked through this tunnel and then placed on the chest area and filled with the saline solution. Silicone breast implants cannot be used with this method.

Breast Implant Location Options

There are also three options as to where the implant will be placed in the chest area, depending on the incision location and the woman’s anatomy. Those options include:

  • Behind the breast tissue (also called subglandular placement)
  • Behind the pectoralis muscle (also called subpectoral placement)
  • Behind both the breast tissue, in the lower portion of the implant, and behind the pectoralis muscle in the upper portion of the implant (also called dual plane)

It is common for women to discuss their own breast augmentation procedures with other women who are considering this surgery. While it is always good to have another peer’s prospective, women should not expect that their surgeries will be exactly the same as another person’s. We cannot stress enough that each individual is unique and will require her own unique procedure.

If you would like to discuss breast augmentation options with board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph, please contact our Winter Park, Florida breast surgery center for a free consultation.

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