What Patients Can Expect from DOT Laser Therapy

Published on December 26, 2008 by Brian Joseph

DOT Therapy is an innovation in laser therapy that reduces the recovery period and works its youth-enhancing magic with fewer side effects. The science behind the magic is the use of dots to transport the CO2 laser’s energy into the skin, leading to the creation of tiny perforations that are placed in the midst of healthy skin. Putting little dots into the skin rather than lasering everything allows the healthy skin to assist the rest of the skin with the healing process.

Patients first receive a topical anesthetic, so that they can remain comfortable throughout the treatment. Afterwards, they will feel a slight sunburn-like sensation and experience a reddening of the skin that departs after a few days. DOT Therapy is used effectively for wrinkles, pigmentation problems on the face, neck and upper chest, and acne. Three days following treatment, most patients notice their redness beginning to fade away.

One of the great benefits of the DOT Laser procedure in contract to the lasers of the past is that the treated area stays dry; it does not weep or crust over. This is due to the precision with which the treatment is performed. Following their DOT therapy, patients are strongly advised to follow a strict regimen of moisturizer and sunscreen use to take excellent care of their investment.

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