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IV Vitamin Therapy in Orlando

Published on September 26, 2013 by

Starting next month, IV vitamin therapy will begin at Park Avenue Plastic Surgery and Spa. It will be physician and nurse monitored for each patients safety and health. This article below is from a professional football player describing how it

Study. If you’ve got wrinkles, thank Mom

Published on September 19, 2013 by

Have you ever wondered why some people get wrinkles at a young age and others don’t? There are many answers to this question – smoking can cause wrinkles to form sooner, and if you don’t wear sunscreen when you’re young,

New FDA-approved teardrop-shaped silicone-gel filled breast implant

Published on September 19, 2013 by

Mentor got approval for MemoryShape after collecting six years of data from 955 women that demonstrated “a reasonable assurance” of safety and effectiveness, FDA officials reported to NBC News Health. Mentor’s MemoryShape breast implants are shaped like a teardrop with

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