Scar Management for Ethnic Groups in Plastic Surgery

Published on April 12, 2010 by Brian Joseph

If you are African American or of Hispanic or Asian heritage you may feel that plastic surgical procedures just will not work for you. Some Ethnic groups have more melanin, a brown pigment in the skin which may make them more susceptible to Keloid or hypertrophic scarring. Keloids are raised areas of thickened skin which may migrate beyond the incision site. Hypertrophic scarring is similarly raised and thickened but normally is contained within the incision site.

However, with improved plastic surgery methods and treatments, this condition can be lessened or avoided, or treated by scar removal surgery at a later date.

Less invasive methods which limit trauma to underlying tissues and reduces swelling, and placing incisions within skin folds can hide or eliminate the incident of scarring. Follow up treatment with topical or injectable medications and pressure therapy can also reduce scar formation.

Some facts about Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars

  • Although most common in people of color, not all ethnic patients are at risk.
  • Both can appear throughout the body, but most commonly are seen about the chest, shoulders and ears
  • Family history increases incidence of scarring
  • Chance of developing scars increases if patient has had them before
  • Occurrence diminishes with age

Patients of ethnic heritage may also be sensitive to retaining unique features and bone structure that reflects their racial heritage. An experienced, sensitive plastic surgeon who understands what the patient considers attractive based on his/her personal and cultural ideals, and can then adapt surgical techniques to meet those expectations, can best advise the patient on the best course of treatment.

Dr Brian Joseph and his experienced, caring team at Park Avenue Plastic Surgeons in the Orlando, Winter Park area of Florida are ready to discuss your personal concerns and to advise the best course of treatment designed to produce the results you need.

Ethnic heritage should not deter you from discovering a rejuvenated and improved new you. Please contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation and take that important next step.

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