Recovery Period/Expectations from Fraxel Laser Treatment

Published on February 11, 2009 by Brian Joseph

Fraxel Laser is the only FDA-approved laser treatment that can be used for fine lines, blotchy pigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, and acne scars. Fraxel laser treatment offers the distinctive benefits of quick healing and recovery. Side effects are kept to a minimum and general center around a full day of tolerable swelling and redness.

The Procedure
Fraxel laser treatment can be performed in Dr. Joseph’s office using only a topical anesthesia. A small amount of topical solution and ice sponges applied to cool the face makes the Fraxel treatment acceptable without sedative use; you can actually drive yourself home from your appointment. Patients love the fact that they can apply make-up right after their treatment and get back to routine activities. There is very little to no risk of scarring or infection. No crusting or oozing has been noticed.

Best Candidates
Dr. Joseph focuses on treating facial aging and he sees many patients in his Orlando plastic surgery office who are seeking a more fresh and/or scar-free appearance. Dr. Joseph believes that patients who make the best candidates for laser treatment have clear ideas about what they can expect in the way of outcomes and are in good general health. These candidates do not have excessive flaccid skin that would benefit more from a face lift type procedure.
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