Childbirth Can Cause Significant Changes to Your Vaginal Tissues

Published on June 7, 2018 by Brian Joseph

While you won’t always look as big as you did when you were pregnant, having a child does produce a number of permanent physical changes to your body. One of the most noticeable changes it creates is a loosening of the vaginal tissues.

During childbirth, the vaginal tissues are placed under an enormous amount of stress. While the tissues are able to stretch out to compensate for this stress, they are not able to retain their strength and elasticity. This can lead to vaginal laxity, which, among other things, can significantly reduce sexual satisfaction.

At Park Avenue Plastic Surgery, we offer non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation using diVaTyte. This quick and easy treatment can help to restore the strength and elasticity of your vaginal tissues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your diVaTyte treatment.

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