Breast Implants and Pregnancy

Published on July 20, 2010 by Brian Joseph

The number one concern for women who become pregnant after having breast implants inserted is their ability to breastfeed. While there is a chance your milk ducts may become damaged when an incision is made, most women are able to successfully breastfeed their newborn baby.

Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Joseph understands the joy of giving birth and is dedicated to your ability to have a baby and breastfeed that child if you desire. He will work with you to accomplish your surgical goals, without it adversely impacting your future endeavors.

Factors That Influence Your Ability to Breastfeed

Your ability to breastfeed will largely depend on the nerve connections in your breast, because the stimulation of these nerves allows milk to be produced. Therefore, if your breasts have lost sensitivity because of a breast implant procedure, you may have trouble producing milk. If your sensitivity is normal, chances are you will not have any problems.

They state of your nerves will depend on the placement of your incision. In general, if the incision was made in the fold underneath your breast or in your armpit, you will experience less, if any nerve damage. If your incision is made in your areola, your chances are greater for nerve damage. However, every woman is different and having your incision in your areola will not necessarily mean you will have trouble breastfeeding.

Talk to a Lactation Consultant

It is a good idea to work with a lactation consultant if you have breast implants and want to breastfeed. Talk to this consultant before your give birth about ways to stimulate milk production and how to provide supplemental feedings in a safe and appropriate manner.

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