Breast Augmentation

Published on July 18, 2009 by Brian Joseph

Augmentation mammaplasty, or breast augmentation, is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure performed today. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently reported that there were more than 307,000 breast augmentation procedures performed in 2008. This is a 45% increase from the amount of procedures performed in 2000.

Interestingly, both saline and silicone implants were almost equally represented in the 2008 report:

  • 53% of patients chose saline implants
  • 47% of patients chose silicone implants

Dr. Joseph is proud to offer patients a wide variety of choices when it comes to breast augmentation. Choices such as:

  • Saline or silicone implant fillers
  • Expandable or standard implants
  • Smooth or textured surfaces
  • Round or contoured shapes
  • Various implant sizes
  • Overfilling saline implants

This surgery is not something to be entered into lightly, and it is important to the entire staff at Park Avenue Plastic Surgery that each breast augmentation patient is fully aware of the different options available as well as the potential risks and complications associated with each option.

Please contact our office today for a free breast enlargement consultation. Breast surgeon Dr. Brian P. Joseph can help answer your tough questions, steer you in the right direction and create a more perfectly balanced figure.

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