Breast Augmentation Incisions

Published on September 28, 2009 by Brian Joseph

Patients have more than one option when it comes to breast augmentation. One of the most important of these options is the location of the implant incisions and, as a result, the location of the incision scars. Yes, incision scarring is to be expected, although they will tend to fade over time, and some women will experience more scarring than others depending on their skin type.

Where can implant incisions be made?

Implant incisions can be made in one of four areas:

  • Under the breast, in the crease where the chest meets the breast
  • In the nipple area, around the areola
  • In the folds of skin in the armpit
  • In the navel

Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and some locations are not suitable for certain types of implants. For example, silicone implants are not recommended for navel incisions because of the distance the implants must travel through the abdomen to reach the proper chest placement.

Likewise, certain incision locations are better suitable for the placement of the implant on the chest. For example, areola and crease breast implant incisions allow Dr. Joseph the flexibility to place the implant either under the breast tissue, under the chest wall muscle or both.

Dr. Joseph, Florida cosmetic surgeon, will discuss each breast enlargement option with potential patients to ensure the right decisions are made for each patient’s unique lifestyle, body type and expectations. Please contact our office today for a free breast implant consultation.

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