Breast Augmentation and Mammograms

Published on June 1, 2010 by Brian Joseph

It is true that breast implants make a routine mammogram more difficult. If you have implants, you will need to go to a radiologist who is experienced in reading mammograms of breast implant patients.

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Hidden Areas, Even Without Implants

Breast implants
will not put you at any greater risk of cancer by preventing an accurate mammogram reading. This is because every portion of a women’s breast is not visible on a mammogram, regardless of whether or not you have implants. Between five and 10 percent of your total breast tissue cannot be seen, particularly the area closest to your chest wall.

Additional Precautions for Implant Patients

Critics argue that breast implants interfere with mammograms by hiding suspicious lesions. However, radiologists take additional precautions by performing additional x-rays to cover all their bases. These additional x-rays will expose women with implants to more radiation then patients without implants, so keep this in mind going into your exam.

Risks and Special Considerations

Also remember that your implants are at an increased risk of rupturing during a mammogram, as your breasts will be compressed during the process. Patients with capsular contracture (hardened scar tissue that pulls against your implants) often find mammograms painful, and may benefit from an ultrasound or MRI to evaluate their breast health.

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