Forma and Fractora Face Lift

Published on November 14, 2014 by Brian Joseph

4.1.1Fractora Forma® is a unique, non-invasive thermal skin rejuvenation treatment that heats the sub dermal layers to promote collagen and skin tightening without downtime or discomfort. Fractora Forma®, unlike other skin tightening procedures is designed with built-in safeguards that allows precise thermal temperatures for optimal skin contraction without the risks of overheating. The Fractora Forma treatment is intended for treatment of the face, neck, chest, forehead, under eyes, and eyelids – the Fractora Plus treatment in used on larger body areas such as upper arms (bat wings), lower abdomen, front and back of legs, knees, and buttocks. The non-invasive Fractora Forma skin-tightening treatments last for approximately 30 minutes per service area, with no discomfort or downtime following the procedure. The technology behind the Fractora Forma is radiofrequency (RF) energy driven into the skin to create a mild firming and skin toning effect. It was recently featured on the Dr. Oz show. The use of RF to improve skin health is not new. It has captured the public’s attention due to the widespread concern of aging facial tissues as one ages and the hope that it will one day avoid the need for a ‘facelift’ or neck lift. It is better to think of Fractora Forma as a skin toning and firming method not a sagging tissue lifting method. As a result it is best used on younger patients with minimal or early signs of facial sun aging such as a small amount of jowling or just a little loose neck or chest skin. It is not for someone who has more moderate to advanced facial aging with really evident jowls and a neck wattle. Its success, therefore, is highly dependent on proper patient selection. Additionally, Park Avenue Plastic Surgery utilized Platelet Rich Plasma to further stimulate collagen production.

How does Fractora Forma work?

All skin tightening technologies work by the same method, which is the application of heat to a degree that tightens the deeper structure of the skin and perhaps in some cases the fascia beneath the skin. The challenge is to heat the deeper skin enough to produce tightening, but to stay below the pain threshold, which is just a little bit warmer. Above that, the level of heat must be avoided. What is also not evident on the Dr. Oz show is that Fractora Forma requires multiple ongoing treatments, usually 8 treatments spaced a week or so apart, to get the optimal skin toning effect. For optimal results, this treatment can be repeated on a far more regular basis (even indefinitely) if the durations of treatments are significantly limited to as to not exceed heat thresholds as in a more intensive treatment approach. It is best to speak to Dr. Joseph to recommend the best strategy for your maintenance program depending on your pain threshold and skin type.

What areas other than the face can benefit from Fractora Forma treatments?

Zones that respond well to Fractora Forma include the upper chest, the area above the knees, the arms, the upper abdomen, and the back. As with all surgical and non-surgical therapies that we offer, patient selection is the key to obtaining consistent results. We are also seeing very impressive results when the technology is applied to the jowls, the cheek and brow areas. Our patients experience a nice tightening and lifting of these areas. We are enthusiastic about the arrival of Fractora Forma at Bense SurgiSpa because the results are consistent, and the treatment process is reasonably comfortable.

Fractora Forma above the knees

Even athletic patients often begin to notice loose skin above the knees when they reach their forties and beyond. This has been as frustrating to us as to our patients because there really hasn’t been a good treatment option to date. Surgical thigh lifts don’t have much of an effect in the lower portions of the thighs, liposuction may make the looseness worse, and direct excision involves a scar that is artistically unacceptable. How nice to have an option to treat this challenging area. Patients with a mild to moderated degree of looseness above the knee will experience a good improvement in skin tone and texture. Of course this is not a miracle. It will not produce the skin tone of an athletic 16 year old, but for patients with realistic expectations there is a high degree of satisfaction.

In the upper abdomen

The upper abdomen is another area where properly selected patients experience significant benefits when they are treated with Fractora Forma. Some patients have reasonably good skin tone in the lower abdomen, but loose skin in the upper abdomen. Prior to the arrival of Fractora Forma the only option we could provide these patients was an abdominoplasty, which could improve skin tone, but which also required a significant recovery and a surgical scar in the bikini line.

Fractora Forma combined with IPL for facial, neck and chest rejuvenation

An increasing number of our patients opt to combine IPL with the skin tightening of Fractora Forma for a powerful non-surgical facial/neck and chest rejuvenation. The treatment protocol varies with each patient.

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