Understanding Female Breast Procedures

Published on February 9, 2024 by Brian Joseph
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Cosmetic breast surgery procedures for women are designed to lift, contour, and reshape the bustline to create a more desirable and pleasing silhouette. Usually, women get breast surgery to enhance or change the shape of their breasts or to even out their body proportions. Nature creates breasts in a variety of sizes and shapes, but sometimes women want to make a change, especially if their breasts cause discomfort or interfere with their daily activities or self-image. Good breast surgery can help women feel healthier and more confident, so understanding the differences among procedures can make it easier to make the right choice when they are selecting a particular procedure.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation uses implants or fat transfers to enlarge and reshape the breasts and create the desired cleavage and contours. The procedure involves making small incisions under the armpit, areola, or breast crease and inserting fat or implants above or behind the pectoral muscle.

Saline or Silicone Implants

Saline or medical-grade silicone implants can be an ideal solution for women who want larger breasts. They come in a variety of models that can be used to create nearly any look a patient desires. The characteristics of the implants and their placement in the chest area will affect the final outcome of the surgery.

Fat Transfer Augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation can be an ideal choice for women who want a subtle one-half-cup to one-full-cup increase in the size of their breasts. Fat transfers utilize tumescent liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of unwanted fat from the tummy, thighs, or flanks, then purify the fat and inject it back into the breasts to create the patient’s desired shape.

Breast Lift

Aging, gravity, weight loss, and breastfeeding can all cause the breasts to hang down and develop lax skin and tissue. Many women who experience these changes can benefit from a breast lift. This procedure tightens, lifts, and contours existing breast tissue without increasing the size of the bust. Instead, doctors make a small incision on the breast, then shape its fat and tissue and remove excess skin. This corrects sagging or drooping and creates a firmer and more youthful silhouette.

Breast Reduction

Some women with large breasts experience unwanted attention, inconvenience, discomfort, or pain as a result of their size and weight, so they seek out surgery that can provide relief. Heavy, pendulous breasts can cause chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain that can diminish a person’s quality of life. Breast reduction surgery uses excision and/or liposuction to remove excess skin, fat, and tissue to create smaller breasts that are in better proportion to the patient’s body.

How to Choose the Right Breast Procedure for You

Many women who are considering breast surgery find it challenging to choose the right procedure from the available options. Understanding the different types of breast surgery, the past and current state of your body, and your aesthetic goals can help clarify which surgery will produce the best results. You may also elect to have a combination procedure such as a breast augmentation with a lift or an implant revision that allows you to change your current breast shape, size, or implant material.

The Importance of a Professional Consultation

Cosmetic breast surgery can be a wonderful way to enhance your figure and help you feel great about your body. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can explain how each procedure will contribute toward meeting aesthetic goals can help you choose the breast surgery that’s right for you.

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