Vaser Liposelection Questions Orlando

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What is LipoSelection™?

Offered in the Orlando, Florida plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Brian Joseph, LipoSelection is a new liposuction technique that brings patented technologies together with advanced surgical techniques to shape the body and eliminate fatty areas. LipoSelection employs ultrasonic waves to break fat apart while it barely impacts areas such as blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Patients enjoy their improved shape, rapid healing time and low to moderate pain levels.

Please contact board-certified Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Joseph and his staff at Park Avenue Plastic Surgery to arrange your appointment.

Why should I choose LipoSelection instead of traditional Liposuction?

LipoSelection is a leading-edge and more targeted way to remove unwanted areas of fat. An alternative to traditional liposuction, LipoSelection initially turns fat to liquid, and next, eliminates the fat from the patient’s body; for these reason results are smooth and predictable. And as we have mentioned, because it zeroes in on fat, patients typically experience very little pain and a reduced amount of bruising and swelling.

How does LipoSelection process work?

Once the high frequency sound energy emitted during the procedure breaks up fat leaving the tissues around it virtually intact, the fat moves into a wetting solution and is pulled out through a combination of massage and suction.

What areas of the body can benefit from LipoSelection?

Any of the following areas have been treated with much success: thighs, abdomen, knees, hips, buttocks, back, arms, love handles, male breasts, chin and neck areas.

How much fat can be eliminated?

It is never safe to take too much fat out of the body in one surgery. To get a general idea of what can be safely removed, stand and bend at your waist. Whatever amount of fat you can easily take hold of below your waist is about the amount that can be removed. Always remember that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. The goal is to enhance an individual’s silhouette.

What will I experience during the LipoSelection procedure?

A saline solution that helps numb the area and reduces the size of the blood vessels is injected into the area to be treated. This solution allows the fat to be broken down more easily by the ultrasound. A tiny probe emits the energy that causes the fat to break down. Suction and massage are the final steps used to remove fat. The lipoSelection procedure first emulsifies and then sucks out fat in this manner.

Can I expect any complications with the procedure?

Complications occur only rarely. If these occur, they can include symptoms such as swelling, reduced sensation or numbing, blood clots, bruises, blister-like spots called seromas, and discolored skin.

If you are interested in learning more about this new and improved and liposuction procedure, please contact the Winter Park, Florida, Park Avenue Plastic Surgery office of Dr. Brian Joseph.

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