Fraxel Laser Treatment Corrects a Wide Range of Skin Woes

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Fraxel laser treatments uses lenses to break down laser energy into tiny light beams that are visible only at the microscopic level. Surgeons focus on tiny areas of worn epidermis cells, not touching larger areas of healthy skin. Dr. Brian Joseph provides this leading-edge fraxel treatment in his Winter Park, Florida, Park Avenue Plastic Surgery practice.

Fraxel: Its Best Applications

The best applications for Fraxel laser treatment include acne scars, wrinkles, and discolored areas. Fraxel technology’s biggest accomplishment is its capacity to rid the skin of problem areas while causing minimal damage to surrounding tissue. This non-invasive procedure results in less pain and more rapid healing than more standard laser treatments.

How Fraxel Laser Treatments Work

As with other laser techniques, Fraxel laser technology depends on the skin’s own healing processes to be effective. Our skin regularly turns over layers of cells and replaces these with a new layer. Aging or trauma to the skin slows this process down. Laser treatments facilitate the trauma and healing process by carefully monitoring the amount of damage done to the skin in order to achieve specific repairs.

Fraxel laser treatments do not penetrate as deeply as standard laser procedures, so the healing time is faster. Also, no general anesthesia is needed. A topical numbing cream is used; most patients describe the pain as similar to a bad sunburn. Several sessions are needed and around two months are necessary for full healing and repair of the skin.

What to Expect After Treatment

Still, post-treatment effects of Fraxel laser are mild relative to other cosmetic surgery procedures. Areas treated will appear pink or red, and later turn bronze for one to two weeks. Excessive skin flaking may occur since the skin is repairing itself. A 30 SPF sunscreen is essential during this healing period—and afterwards to maintain your investment.

Before undergoing a laser treatment, it is critical that you speak to both your medical doctor and your cosmetic surgeon about your upcoming procedure. Sometimes medications or medical conditions interfere with healing and recovery. Diabetes is a good example of a condition that can have this effect.

Scars brought on by skin conditions or uneven skin pigmentation sometimes do not impact physical health, but they can dramatically impact mental well-being. A sudden positive change for the better can create new turmoil for patients that haven’t prepared. Often pre-treatment counseling will better prepare patients so they can fully enjoy all the benefits of their new, enhanced appearance.

If you are interested in exploring the unique possibilities of the Fraxel laser treatment, please contact the Winter Park, Florida, Park Avenue Plastic Surgery office of Dr. Brian Joseph.