Recovery Period/Expectations from Vaser Liposuction/LipoSelection

Published on April 29, 2009 by

A new liposuction technique is only minimally invasive, reduces healing time and produces great results. Dr. Brian Joseph offers this ground-breaking VASER LipoSelection® technique in his Orlando, Florida, area office.

Rapid Recovery Period

The typical LipoSelection patient can anticipate only two to three days of soreness and only seven to ten days of actual limited activity—patients can actually begin some form of exercise after seven days. At our office, Dr. Joseph typically informs patients that his job is to contour and shape their form in the most attractive way possible. He always cautions that liposuction procedures are not weight loss procedures and should be performed for those close to or at a healthy weight.

More Targeted Liposuction

Older body contouring methods do not differentiate fat from other areas, such as nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. LipoSelection leaves these areas relatively untouched Liposuction recovery is faster if less fat is removed. With less than 500 cc you will feel quite well on the following day. If you have more fat removed, perhaps 5 liters or more, your recovery period will be more difficult.

If you would like to take advantage of the faster recovery period of the VASER LipoSelection, please contact Park Avenue Plastic Surgery, the office of Dr. Brian Joseph, at 800-828-7590 to schedule an appointment today.

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